Monday, December 28, 2009

Housing Opportunity

From Pratt

If you haven't yet applied for the Atlantic Terrace, keep in mind that applications must be postmarked no later than
January, 6, 2010! Don't miss out on this opportunity, apply today!

Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) is developing an 80-unit, mixed income, affordable cooperative in Fort Greene at South Oxford Street at the corner of Atlantic Avenue in partnership with NYC HDC and NYC HPD.

In marketing the co-op, preference will be given first to New York City residents and then to New York State residents. In addition, preference will be given to residents of Community Board 2 (for 50% of the units), eligible municipal employees of the City of New York (for 5% of the units), households that include persons with mobility impairment (for 5% of the units), and households that include persons with a visual/and or hearing impairment (for 2% of the units). Atlantic Terrace will target households with incomes between $35,194/year to $115,830/year (please see income guidelines below).

This contemporary 10-story building features sustainable materials, highly energy efficient heating and air conditioning, and abundant natural light as part of an overall environmentally-conscious design. Many materials used in construction were made right here in Brooklyn, hence, lowering the carbon footprint of the development. The co-op is a great opportunity for neighborhood residents, especially at a time that real estate prices are beyond most Brooklynites' reach. See chart below for estimated sales prices, number of bedrooms, household size, and income ranges.

Check out the Atlantic Terrace web site to get more info including amenities and floor plans
and to obtain an application of interest:


in person:
at Fifth Avenue Committee's office
621 Degraw Street in Park Slope Brooklyn, 11217

by mail:
send a business sized self addressed stamped envelope to Fifth Avenue Committee's office.

or in person @ PACC's offices:
1224 Bedford Avenue | 201 Dekalb Avenue | 900 Fulton Street

Because freedom can't protect itself


Number of online messages ACLU activists sent to Congress and the Obama administration in 2009: 1,208,466

Number of students in the Pittsburgh school district that will finally receive comprehensive sex education after the pressure from the ACLU to stop teaching an abstinence-only curriculum: 28,000 students in 66 schools

Year the ACLU first defended reproductive freedom: 1928

Number of schools where the ACLU has intervened after school officials tried to ban or treat gay-straight alliance clubs differently from other school clubs
in the last five years: 36

Number of those schools that succeeded in banning or discriminating against gay-straight alliance clubs: 0

Miles of documents about the Bush torture program obtained through the ACLU’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuits: 20.5

Number of victims of the Bush torture program who have had their day in court: 0

Number of national organizations that joined the ACLU in opposing the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II: 0

Number of states that have rejected Real ID and a National ID card, due to pressure from the ACLU and others: 24

Number of US military spy satellites the Department of Homeland Security will be allowed to use for domestic intelligence, counter-terrorism and law enforcement after objections by the ACLU and others: 0

Number of hours per day children housed at the T. Don Hutto family detention center in Texas were forced to remain in their cells before an ACLU lawsuit forced conditions to be improved at the facility: 11-12

Challenges to FBI abuses of the Patriot Act’s National Security Letter (NSL) provisions filed by ACLU: 3

NSL requests dropped by the government after ACLU challenge: 3

Year the ACLU first took on creationism in public schools: 1925

Year the ACLU last took on creationism (disguised as "intelligent design") in public schools: 2005

Number of ACLU members at close of 1925: 2,250

Number of ACLU members at close of 2009: Approximately 500,000

Percent of our 2010 budget that the ACLU stands to lose as a result of losing our largest individual donor due to financial circumstances: 25%

Number of people who have taken part in the ACLU’s
Acting Together: 100,000 Gifts Campaign: 70,734

Number of days you have left to make a year-end donation to the ACLU: 5

Please Donate to the ACLU here

Quote of the day

Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.
Bertrand Russell

Sunday, December 27, 2009

R.I.P Percy Sutton

Percy Sutton, the pioneering civil rights activist, Harlem political powerhouse and media titan, died Saturday. He was 89.

His cause of death was not clear Saturday night.

Sutton was considered one of New York's most influential figures, spawning the careers of a who's who of prominent black politicians.

"Tonight, we say farewell to one of New York's and this nation's most influential African-American leaders - a man whom I am proud to have called a friend and mentor throughout my entire career," Gov. Paterson said in a statement.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quote of the day

A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.
Mohandas Gandhi

More Tickets

Think you can hog two seats on the subway at 3 a.m. when it's just you and some drunkard in the car? Think again.

The NYPD is cracking down on subway seat hogs. That's right. Keep your legs off the seat next to you, don't rest your bags and watch those hands or you'll get a ticket. Read More

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quote of the day

"Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect."
Oren Arnold

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quote of the day

For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
Nelson Mandela

Year in review-Flatbush video of the year 2009

So it's freezing cool out. New Years is about a week away. Looking at pass major events in Flatbush can't be done without looking back at the Labor day Parade. Flatbush Hall of Famer Wyclef put out a mix tape during this year that was of the hook. He even made a song specifically for Flatbush. A look back.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quote of the day

In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends.
John Churton Collins

Please participate in the Census

The Census is very important.

That's why it's so important that you fill in the form and promptly mail it back. Census information affects the numbers of seats your state occupies in the U.S. House of Representatives. And people from many walks of life use census data to advocate for causes, rescue disaster victims, prevent diseases, research markets, locate pools of skilled workers and more.

When you do the math, it's easy to see what an accurate count of residents can do for your community. Better infrastructure. More services. A brighter tomorrow for everyone. In fact, the information the census collects helps to determine how more than $400 billion dollars of federal funding each year is spent on infrastructure and services like:

  • Hospitals
  • Job training centers
  • Schools
  • Senior centers
  • Bridges, tunnels and other-public works projects
  • Emergency services

Plus the Census does not share information with other government agencies. Here is FAQ from the Census Bureau:

How is my information protected?

All Census Bureau employees take the oath of nondisclosure and are sworn for life to protect the confidentiality of the data. By law, the Census Bureau cannot share respondents' answers with anyone, including the IRS, FBI, CIA or any other government agency.

Can my neighbor see my information?

No. Individual census records are not shared with anyone, including other federal agencies and law enforcement entities. By law, the Census Bureau cannot share respondents' answers with anyone, -- not the IRS, not the FBI, not the CIA, and not with any other government agency. The penalty for unlawful disclosure is a fine of up to $250,000 or imprisonment of up to 5 years, or both.

How can I keep my information safe?

The easiest way to keep your information safe is to fill out your census form and mail it back right away. Also, look for identification from census takers and remember that the Census Bureau will NEVER ask for any information to be submitted online.

What steps are taken if my information is compromised?

A determination of the sensitivity of the information and the specific details associated with incidents determines the action the Census Bureau takes. Actions range from sending notification letters to providing credit-monitoring services. All incidents are reviewed and Census Bureau senior management receives regular status reports on the incidents.

Why is the Census Bureau using Global Positioning Systems (GPS)?

The Census Bureau uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to help locate addresses. A handheld computer is equipped with GPS and is used during our address canvassing operation. Address canvassing is a field operation where census workers systematically travel all known and new streets and roads to identify every structure where people live or could potentially live and update our address list and maps. For the 2010 Census, we attempted to collect GPS coordinates for each structure to make sure it is recorded in the correct location. The census workers also confirmed, added and deleted addresses using a GPS-equipped handheld computer. All this work was done to ensure a complete and accurate address list for delivering the 2010 Census questionnaires next year.

Are the GPS coordinates collected during the 2010 Census operation kept confidential?

Yes. All address information, including GPS coordinates, is protected by the confidentiality requirements of Title 13 of the United States Code. All Census Bureau employees take an oath for life to protect identifiable information about individuals and businesses gathered by the agency. By law, the Census Bureau cannot share respondents' answers with the IRS, FBI, CIA or any other government agency. The penalty for unlawful disclosure is a fine of up to $250,000 or imprisonment of up to 5 years, or both.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Protect yourself this holiday season


To File A Police Misconduct Complaint:
Contact the Civilian Complaint Review Board
by calling 311 or by visiting

1. What you say to the police is always important. What you say can and will be used against you, and it can give the police an excuse to arrest you, especially if you bad-mouth a police officer.

2. You don’t have to consent to a search of yourself, your car or your house. If you do consent to a search, it can affect your rights later in court. If the police say they have a search warrant, ask to see it. If they don’t, use the phrase “I do not consent to this search.”

3. Do not interfere with or obstruct the police—you can be arrested for it.


1. Upon request, show the police your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. In certain cases, your car can be searched without a warrant. To protect yourself later, you should state that you do not consent to a search. It is not lawful for police to arrest you simply for
refusing to consent to a search.

2. If you’re given a ticket, you should sign it; otherwise you can be arrested. You can always fight the case in court later.

3. If you’re suspected of drunk driving (DWI) you will be asked to take a breath-alcohol and coordination test. If you fail the tests, or if you refuse to take them, you will be arrested, your driver’s license may be suspended and your car may be taken away.


1. Police may stop and detain you only if there is reasonable suspicion that you committed, are committing or are about to commit a crime.

2. You can ask if you are under arrest or free to leave. If you are arrested, you have a right to know why.

3. Police can't lawfully require that you identify yourself or produce ID if they don't reasonably suspect you of a crime. But use your judgment — refusal could lead to your arrest even if unjustified.

4. If police reasonably suspect you pose a danger to them or others, they may pat down your outer clothing. Don’t physically resist, but say you don’t consent to the search. If an officer asks you to empty your pockets before he pats you down—even if he says you won’t get in trouble—
decline to do so. Use the phrase “I do not consent to this search.”


1. You have the right to remain silent and to talk to a lawyer before you talk to the police. Don’t tell the police anything except your name and address. Don’t give any explanations, excuses or stories. You can make your defense later, in court, based on what you and
your lawyer decide is best.

2. If you have a lawyer, ask to see your lawyer immediately. If you can’t afford a lawyer, you have a right to a free one once your case goes to court. You can ask the police how to contact a lawyer. Don’t say anything without a lawyer.

3. Within a reasonable time after your arrest or booking, you should ask the police to contact a family member or friend. If you are permitted to make a phone call, anything you say at the precinct may be recorded or listened to. Be very careful. Never talk about the facts of your
case over the telephone.

4. Do not make any decisions in your case until you have talked with a lawyer.


1. The police can enter your home without permission if they have a warrant or if it is an emergency situation. If the police say they have a warrant, ask to see it. They must show it to you when they are able to do so safely.

2. If you are arrested in your home or office, the police can search you and the area immediately surrounding you or where evidence of criminal activity is in plain view. If You Have A Police Encounter, You Can Protect Yourself.

5. Don’t bad-mouth a police officer or run away, even if you believe what is happening is unreasonable. That could lead to your arrest.

What you got to hide?

A judge Monday ordered the NYPD to turn over the racial breakdown of all people shot at by police officers between 1997 and 2006.

The New York Civil Liberties Union sued the NYPD in 2008 for racial data about shooting victims.

The NYPD agreed to release the racial breakdown of those injured by police gunfire, but not data about those who were shot at but not hit.

In an opinion dated Dec. 15, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joan Madden ruled the NYPD had not met its burden under the state's Freedom of Information Law to withhold the data.

Sean Bell

From NBC
A street in Queens will be named after Sean Bell, an unarmed man who was fatally gunned down by police the day before his wedding in 2006.

The City Council passed the bill Monday. It will rename a three-block stretch of Liverpool Street Sean Bell Way. Read more

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Please Help

The City Council will vote next Monday to rename the street that Sean Bell was murdered in to Sean Bell Way. The disgraceful president of the Detective's Union has called the renaming of a street for an innocent young man with a child, a fiance and an all around great family a disgrace. Please contact your city council member. Although this happened in Queens, this could have easily happen in Flatbush. Flatbush is monitored by the precinct (70th) that gave us Justin Volpe and the blueprint for the blue wall of silence. Make sure that Mr. Bell's murder will never be disregarded. The real disgrace in this tragedy is the NYPD and the Detective's Union who refuses to own up to this atrocious crime. Most of us in Flatbush is represented by Mathieu Eugene. Please Stop by, call, write, fax and email to make sure he supports the bill.
Email: mathieu.eugene(at)
District Office Address

Mathieu Eugene
123 Linden Boulevard
Brooklyn, New York 11226

District Office Phone

District Office Fax

Legislative Office Address
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Legislative Office Phone

Legislative Office Fax

If you don't live in Flatbush we need your support too. Find out who your representative is here

Become a Foster Parent

As the New Year approaches, please think hard about becoming a foster parent. To learn more about becoming a foster parent, please call 311 or the Parent Recruitment Hotline at 212 676-WISH (toll-free outside of NYC 877 676-WISH). You can also Click Here to go online and request that an information packet be sent to you. Every year thousands of children come into care, and there is a constant need for people like you to be there for them — to provide a home, guidance and love. Being a champion for a child means you have the opportunity to bring stability to a child’s life during a time of trauma and difficulty; to shape their future.

In return, you will receive a powerful sense of having made a difference in the life of a child and a family. Read more here

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yvette Clarke speaks on climate change

“This week, President Barak Obama(sic) will attend the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen. While some have debated the science and facts of climate change, we must all understand that we as a global community have a role to play in protecting our environment for future generations to come,” stated Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke. “We must work with our international allies to address the climate issues that continue to affect our world.”

“While I applaud the President’s work abroad, at home we must understand that climate change affect all of us directly,” added Rep. Clarke. “That is why we must pass legislation that cuts U.S. global warming pollution at least 34 percent by 2020– the minimum amount scientists say is necessary to avoid a planetary catastrophe. I voted to help pass the House version of the 2009 Energy Bill this summer. It is now up to our friends in the Senate to act on this critical legislation.”

“We must also create avenues in which to expand the next generation of green jobs. With New York City’s unemployment rate sitting at 10.3%, investing in energy efficiency should more jobs in our communities. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) delivered between $70 and 80 billion in direct spending, tax breaks and loan guarantees for energy efficiency initiatives. Today Governor Patterson announced $60.3 million in federal stimulus funding for weatherization projects that will work to reduce the energy burden on low-income residents in 9,431 multi-family housing units around the State. This federal resource will propel New York City into the next frontier of job growth in the green market. I hope that these funds will create new, sustainable jobs for Brooklyn’s building and construction tradesmen and women. As we answer President Obama’s call to solve the climate crisis and work towards a green economy, we also help safeguard the planet for our children,” concluded Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke.

Her statement talks about how it will have an impact on New York City. I guess since the 11th district is part of NYC, it will also have an impact on us also. I just wish that she would speak in more specific terms. As far as Rep. Clarke "hoping" that the $60.3 million in federal stimulus funding for weatherization will create new, sustainable jobs for Brooklyn's building and construction tradesmen and women, I hope she will actual have a hand in this and fight for those jobs to come to the District, instead of just hoping that they will. Not to be picky, but if you are going to put out a press release, make sure you spell the President's name correctly.

Our Congresswoman Yvette Clarke releases statement on Obama's job initiative

“I commend President Obama on his continued dedication to create jobs and strengthen this nation’s small businesses,” said Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke.

President Barack Obama proposal includes:

• eliminating capital gains taxes on small business investment;
• waiving fees and increase the guarantees for SBA-backed loans;
• boosting investment to modernize transportation and communications networks beyond what was included in the Recovery Act;
• expanding select Recovery Act initiatives to promote energy efficiency and clean energy jobs; and
• extending emergency assistance to seniors, unemployment insurance benefits, COBRA, and relief to states and localities to prevent layoffs.

“The impact of the current economic downturn on small businesses cannot be overstated. As a significant source of new net jobs in this nation, focusing resources to small firms will help reinvigorate the economy,” added Rep. Clarke. “They are key to the health of the U.S. economy and represent 99.7% of all employer firms, employ about half of all private sector employees, pay nearly 45% of the U.S. private payroll, and are responsible for more than half of non-farm private GDP.”

“I commend the Obama Administration for making job growth a top priority. I support their efforts to direct additional resources to the small businesses sector, which will be the source of job growth that will lead us out of this recession. I look forward to working the White House along with my colleagues in Congress to ensure that we implement initiatives and legislative strategies to create more jobs throughout our nation,” concluded Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke.

It's still unclear how Rep. Clarke will address the specific concerns of district 11 in the bill.

Cop accused of rape

Courthouse News Service

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Flatbush Hall of Famer Talib Kweli on the future of Brooklyn

Talib Kweli, a Brooklyn native, has continued to provide commentary on his city. Along with Mos Def, the duo most known as Black Star collaborated on Def's album The Ecstatic for the track “History” with each giving their own chronicles of life in the big city. Read more

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just in case you missed it- Obama's Nobel Peace Prize speech

Second part

Third Part- Talks about reason for war

Last part- our common cause

Swine flu shots open to all this weekend

Saturday will be the start of the last weekend for free swine flu shots at clinics throughout the city. And this time, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has opened them up to anyone who wants a shot, regardless of age. Read more.

More delays expected for the B/Q trains

Subway riders who thought they had come across every reason for train delays — station fires, flooded tracks and sick passengers — have been presented with a new one: falling leaves. Read more.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New kind of educational stimulus package in midwood

Who's hot for teacher? Looks like the other teacher.

Two female Romance language instructors were tossed out of their Brooklyn high school after being caught "undressed" in an empty classroom, sources told the Daily News Tuesday.

Yvette Clarke Speaks on Healthcare

Our Congresswoman Yvette Clarke spoke on MSNBC about Health care. Seems like she is growing well into her position.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NYPD Herassment and racial profiling.

This happened in Harlem, but it also happens all the time in Flatbush. In this video these two cops violated the constitutional rights of these two young men. They were being harass for a full 8 minutes. Their crime? Being a minority in a public park.

Flatbush Hall of Famer Wyclef is no fool sayz school is cool

Rappers aren’t known for touting education, but Wyclef Jean wants to send a message that - gasp! - school is cool.

The Grammy-winning rap star and former Fugee has spent the last semester working toward a diploma at Berklee College of Music, where he is studying ear training, theory, improvisation and guitar. Read more

Federal Judge reads the riot act to lying cops

A respected federal judge slammed the NYPD Monday as plagued by "widespread falsification by arresting officers."

Brooklyn Federal Judge Jack Weinstein delivered the disturbing appraisal in a four-page decision refusing to throw out a multimillion dollar suit against the city filed by two men who were busted on bogus narcotics charges.


An NYPD officer used his own police car to pull off a drug-related robbery, federal prosecutors said Friday. Read more here

Monday, December 7, 2009

Volunteer- become an elf


You can bring joy to a lonely senior and have a great time!

Become an Elf!
During December, volunteer elves from Visiting Neighbors will visit and distribute gifts to hundreds of homebound, isolated and lonely seniors to brighten their holiday season. For many of these seniors, these will be the only visits and gifts they receive.

- You can help wrap gifts.
( bring wrapping paper, scissors
and tape if you can)
- You can help deliver gifts.
- You can donate gift items (must be

Wrapping nights start at 5:30 PM (at VN)
Tuesday, December 1st and Wednesday, December 2nd
Gift delivery starts Friday, December 4th (call first)

Come alone or bring friends.
Groups are welcome.
For information contact Howie Square:(212) 260-6200

How to Apply:

Howie Square
(212) 260-6200
Fax (212) 260-2962
611 Broadway Suite 510
New York, NY 10012

Good news for the f train

YourNabe reports that the MTA has put a moratorium on construction on the f line this holiday season. This should make the f a little more reliable. Read more

DWI....again...... what's going on here?

The AP is reporting that another cop has been charged with drunk driving. This is the 3rd time since September.

NEW YORK (AP) - An off-duty New York City police detective has been arrested on a charge of drunken driving.

Police said Detective James O'Connell was arrested early Friday in Queens and charged with driving while intoxicated. Read more

From Daily News

A transit cop has been arrested on charges of raping an 18-year-old woman on Thanksgiving, police said Saturday.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tax season coming up


At Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites, certified volunteers are trained to prepare basic federal and state tax returns for free and help qualifying low- and moderate-income New Yorkers claim credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and New York City Child Care Tax Credit. These VITAs not only offer free tax preparation services but they ensure that low-income tax filers are not marketed unnecessary predatory products or loans and make sure that filers maximize the value of their returns.


Make a difference in the lives of low-income New Yorkers while networking and gaining marketable job skills.


Low-income families that receive a tax refund can get as much as $6,512. This lump sum is often the largest check they will receive all year. Additionally, VITA sites help to connect low-income filers to a variety of financial services in their community by facilitating ideas for savings programs, offering start up bank accounts and providing counseling.


Anyone can volunteer to work at a VITA site once they have completed training, including an IRS-certified online training and exam; and a day-long classroom session at OFE’s Tax Time Training University.

WHAT IS THE TIME COMMITMENT? WHERE ARE THE VITA SITES LOCATED? The 2010 tax season is from January through April. OFE asks volunteers to commit at least 4 hours weekly, for a minimum of 6 weeks during the tax season. VITA sites are usually located throughout the five boroughs of New York City, especially in neighborhoods with very few tax preparation options.


Complete IRS-certified online training – between 12-14 hours. Pass an online IRS-certification exam. Attend a classroom training session at OFE’s Training University.


Why we don't trust the police?

I've been getting lots of emails asking why I'm so anti-police. I'm not so much anti-police as I am anti-injustice. "The police are suppose to serve and protect." Its a complete myth. Too much time they hide behind their blue wall of silence. They have protection from their unions and politicians. Even with a camera showing that they have murdered someone, broken the law or outright lying, most of the time they will get away with it. One can even make the argument that there is little difference between the police in the U.S and the police in a country like Iran. There is also a myth that goes around saying that the police are risking their lives to safe us. As seen here from an ABC News special. This myth couldn't be so farther from the truth.

What would you do

This reminds me of some of the post and habits of the Ditmas Park blog. Watch the video. It's an eye opener.

Undercover cops being profiled by their own

From NY 1.

A new survey finds that one out of six undercover police officers have been in confrontations with other police officers who thought they were suspects, which provides insight into preventing mistaken identity in the NYPD.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said in Manhattan today that he sent Governor David Paterson a letter containing the results of the survey of about 200 undercover police officers and the NYPD's other efforts to prevent so-called "friendly fire" shootings. Read more

Skating at Prospect Park

PPA logocitylogo


Skating Season Starts November 26

Admission is:

• Adults: $5 (ages 15 and up)

• Children (14 and under) and Seniors: $3

Skate Rental: $6.50 (tax included)

Keep checking for updates on special free admission days, theme music events and other great promotions, including:

· Every Friday: half-price admission! (does not include skate rental charge, holidays excluded).

· New York Rangers merchandise give-a-way, Saturday, December 4, from 4 – 7 p.m.

· Improve your skills at a Skating Clinic offered by the Prospect Park Skating Center. Free (with Rink admission) on Saturday December 5 and Sunday December 6 at noon (space limited).

· Disco music skate , Saturday, December 18, 7 – 9 p.m

While at the Rink, enjoy warm food, lite bites, hot chocolate and other refreshments from the Kate’s Corner snack bar.

The rink is open the following hours:

November 26 - March 14, 2010

Mondays 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Tuesdays 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Wednesdays 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Thursdays 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Fridays 8:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Saturdays 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.; 2 – 6 p.m.; 7 – 10 p.m.

Sundays 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.; 2 – 6 p.m.

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Thursday, Nov. 26: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.; 2 – 6 p.m.

Friday, Nov. 27: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.; 2 – 6 p.m.; 7 – 9 p.m.

See for other holiday hours.

Wollman Rink is a great place for winter fun all season long. Take lessons, throw a skating party, take a leisurely spin around the ice, and enjoy a snack and a hot chocolate.

For info on skating conditions, call (718) 287-6431 • Skating Parties (718) 287-6215 • Group Reservations (718) 287-5252

Find out about lessons and group sports offered by the Skate School, Figure Skating Club and Brooklyn Blades Ice Hockey at

Plus checkout the hottest thing on ice: Broomball, offered by the NYC Social Sports Club.


Wollman Rink is located near the Parkside and Ocean Avenue entrance to Prospect Park. Free parking is available. Interactive map.

Enter the Park at Lincoln Road & Ocean Ave., Parkside & Ocean Aves., or Flatbush Ave. & Empire Blvd. (Willink entrance) and follow the directional signs. By train: Q, S, or B to Prospect Park Station. By bus: B-16, B-41, B-43 and B-48 will bring you close to the Park’s Willink entrance.

For holiday skating hours, as well as more information on Prospect Park events, programs, membership and volunteering at the Park, call the Park Hotline at (718) 965-8999

or visit

Dial 311 for all Parks & Recreation information

In partnership with the City of New York and the community, the Prospect Park Alliance restores, develops, and operates Prospect Park for the enjoyment of all by caring for the natural environment, preserving historic design, and serving the public through facilities and programs. Prospect Park’s 585 acres of meadows, waterfalls, forest, lakes, and athletic facilities comprise a masterwork of urban green space.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Head Grabbing Line

I have not posted much in the past few months unless there is grave news or other interesting happenings. This case is one. There have been a number of disturbing post and racially tinge post over at the Ditmas Park blog. Enough so that it warrants a reaction. Giving the history of racial tensions and crimes throughout the history of this country and this neighborhood in particular, one would think that the Ditmas Park blog would be more responsible with what they write. This has not been the case. From its inception they have made a number of insensitive and racially tinge posts. There have been a number of incidences in Ditmas Park, much of which does not warrant the scrutiny giving to it by the Ditmas Park blog. Thus it did not surprise me that when dug a little deeper into the author of the blog, I’ve found an interesting tidbit. Ben Smith is also a blogger for Polico. During the presidential elections he was called out for his posting insinuating that Barack Obama was somehow channeling Malcolm X. See it here. These are not the only instances that this blogger as well as the Ditmas Park blog has been called out for their questionable postings. I’ve been getting death threats, hate mail and all sorts of garbage ever since this blog has been in existence. A couple of post from the ditmas park blog to illustrate this form of race baiting.
1. Black guy who could have been anyone between the ages of 18-35 ties up a young vulnerable white girl in her Victorian house and mugs her. A picture accompanying this post shows a composite of a dark skin man with a mask. So how is it possible to recognize the perpetrator? This could have been anyone. I suspect giving the history of the NYPD and the 70th precinct in particular, this was a poor excuse for racial profiling of black youth in the community. This story has never been substantiated. For all we know this could have been a hoax, but the damage has already been done. Let’s suspect all black youth in the neighborhood as potential criminals.
2. Lesbian feels threaten by cat calls. That’s breaking news. I don’t know of any lesbians who are particular glad men are cat calling them. I suspect what happen in this case was that a bunch of idiots tried to talk to these women. The women more than likely brush them of. One of the guys probably said something stupid. Now it’s all over the Ditmas Park blog as a Hate Crime, with the insinuation that it’s those troubled young black youth again making these white women feel so uncomfortable with their cat calls. Let’s have a meeting and self-defense classes. (gotta love capitalism huh). My two cents is that this was probably a stupid comment made by some stupid kid. But the Ditmas Park blog wants to race bait this as some kind of hate crime. Giving the history and violence throughout the history of this country’s involvement in incidences of young black being kill, lynch, falsely accused of rape and having their lives turn upside down. Shouldn’t the Ditmas Park blog be more sensitive to what they post? What is the ultimate purpose of all this. Are we learning anything from these incidences? Or is this just a ploy to get people riled up, just for the sake of riling them up. These posts on the Ditmas Park will only serve to create more distrust, hatred, racism, people going back to their respective corners, marginalization and could ultimately have more detrimental effects on the heart and soul of an individual who continue to read this type of race baiting, sub-conscious racist blog. I say Sub-conscience racist blog, because as vice-president Jo Biden said once. You can never know what’s in the heart and mind of an individual. After they post their stories they can always fall back on plausible deniability. At the same time, the pattern remains that they will usually be at least one blatant racist comment in the comments section. With one of the moderator Ben Smith or Lina chiming in that such comments will not be tolerated. Well if you don’t want such comments and the pattern has continued throughout your blog. WHY CONTINUE TO POST THESE RACIALLY CHARGED postings on your blog? You can’t question someone’s motives. There is no way to know what’s truly in someone’s heart or mind. We all to some extinct have had bad thoughts or ill will towards people who may have not look, talk or be in the same socio-economic background as us. But within us we also have that great capacity to see the beauty and goodness in our fellow human beings. That capacity to learned and enriched ourselves from different cultures. That needs to be nurtured more and be front-centered. It’s that other-nism that seems to plague this country. As this country, city and neighborhood becomes more diversify, it’s a dangerous idea and it serves no person. These are demons that should be fought in our own thoughts, mind, habits and heart, not nurtured and coddled by a blog looking to grab the next headline. To have a blog that keeps us in this perpetual other-nism. That reminds us of this kind of “they’re not like us” attitude. “Watch out for them.” I may not question the motive behind a blog like that. What I can question is their judgment and lack of sensitivity to those issues.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Prospect Park

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)

      From Prospect Park Alliance

      It’s My Park! Day at Prospect Park

Saturday, May 16

    Hundreds of Volunteers will help care for Brooklyn’s great, landmark Park

      Take ownership of your Park! Join a citywide effort to tidy up and support our urban greenspaces, including Prospect Park. On It’s My Park! Day, our volunteers will be all geared up with brooms, shovels, rakes, and trash grabbers. Come down and receive a free T-shirt and other goodies. Bring a friend!

      10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Meet at the Wollman Rink in Prospect Park. The Wollman Rink is best accessed through the Parkside/Ocean Avenues entrance or the Lincoln Road/Ocean Avenue entrance to the Park. Q, S, or B Train to Prospect Park station

      Call (718) 965-8960 for more information or visit

      For information on It’s My Park! Day events at other NYC Parks, visit

Volunteer at Prospect Park year-Round!

    Anyone can join the Prospect Park Volunteer Corps: individuals and families, students and retirees, friends and neighbors. Community and corporate groups are also encouraged to help the Park by joining the Volunteer Corps. Upcoming Volunteer information sessions will be held in the Litchfield Villa conference room, 95 Prospect Park West, between 4th & 5th Streets:

Cash For Trash

Volunteering to clean up the Park just got more rewarding! The Independence Community Foundation, a long-time Prospect Park supporter, has agreed to donate $10 for every bag of trash or plant debris collected by Volunteers before June 30th. Sign up to be a volunteer now, and help keep Prospect Park beautiful for years to come: or call (718) 965-8960

For more information on Prospect Park events, programs, membership, and volunteering, call the Park Hotline at (718) 965-8999 or visit

Dial 311 for all Parks & Recreation information

In partnership with the City of New York and the community, the Prospect Park Alliance

restores, develops, and operates Prospect Park for the enjoyment of all by caring for the

natural environment, preserving historic design, and serving the public through facilities

and programs. Prospect Park’s 585 acres of meadows, waterfalls, forest, lakes,

and athletic facilities comprise a masterwork of urban green space.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dollar Van Demos

I got a message from this great new youtube channel called Dollar Van Demos. It's a novel idea. Basically artist who rap and sing while riding a dollar van with real passengers. You gotta love the reaction of some of the passengers. I'll have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed some of the videos. My favorite video is probably this one.
check it out.

Hello The Real Flatbush,

Enjoy reading your stuff-- keep it up.

Please check out Dollar Van Demos, a new music video showcase for performers inside a dollar van with real passengers on the streets of Brooklyn. It's unpredictable fun and a great promotion for underground artists. The artists Isaiah, Crosby and Leeia Music deserve a little bit of your time and consideration.

Thank you most kindly and we welcome any feedback you may have. We're shooting additional videos next week so look for more videos soon!

Best regards,


Saturday, March 21, 2009

A post worth posting

Getting Home Safely Just Got Easier!

A public service announcement from RightRides for Women’s Safety

RightRides offers women, transgender and gender queer individuals a free, safe, late night ride home on Saturday nights from 11:59 PM - 3 AM, early Sunday morning in 35 NYC neighborhoods. To get a ride simply call 1-888-215-SAFE(7233) during the hours of operation.

On October 25, 2008, RightRides is expanding its service area to include five additional neighborhoods, increasing the count of neighborhoods served to 40.

New neighborhoods include:

· Flatbush/Borough Park/Kensington, Brooklyn

· Astoria, Queens

· Woodside/Sunnyside, Queens

· Greater Harlem area, Manhattan

· Midtown (for pick-ups only), Manhattan

For more information or to view a service area map, visit:

RightRides is 100% volunteer run and operates a fleet of up to 6 cars every weekend. To get more information about volunteering or how to get involved e-mail Erin Armstrong, Program Manager for RightRides, at

RightRides was founded in 2004 in direct response to an increase in assaults on women walking home by themselves. Our motto is, "Because Getting Home Safely Shouldn't Be A Luxury " and we recognize that many women and trans people do not have the extra funds to take a taxi and walking home from public transportation late at night can increase one's risk of sexual harassment and assault.

Since 2004, RightRides has driven over 1,500 riders safely home. If you think getting home safely shouldn’t be a luxury, pass this information along to your friends and family!