Sunday, April 27, 2008

Knew Yawk's Finest

This cop was charged of vandalizing cars. Hopefully he will opt out of a jury trial, get a judge to get him off the hook and all will be forgiven. After all the government, public officials and certainty the police should not be held accountable to the people. What great trust we in Flatbush have for those who are given the privileged to "serve" and "protect". I have a feeling that this trust will never be ruptured. We the impecunious people of Flatbush think that the NYPD is doing an outstanding job. Keep up the good work! Thumps Up!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

New York's worst

Sean Bell's Murderers got away with murder. What does it say about a country where innocent people can be gunned down by the Government and nothing happens to them? Things like this happen in Communist china or Cambodia. But this is not to be expected in the United States of America. At least not in 2008. The police are not Judge, jury and executioners. Now I've heard many baseless excuses for these cop thugs. That Sean Bell was in a strip club, they were drunk, they were smoking weed. I don't know if that is true or not. But does that mean that the police have a right to shoot anyone over 50 times who gets a little high at a strip club? What's next? Maybe the police should also have a right to rape women that broke some other kind of minor law. God help us all.

New Section 8 Discrimination law passed

This blog is not a fan of our current city council speaker Christine Quinn. And for good reasons. She is an opportunistic West Village elitist. An Identity politician extraordinaire that uses Identity politics for her own political gain. There is nothing honorable or noble about this woman. She might be the worst speaker this city has ever seen. She is certainly the most corrupt. No thanks to her New York city NOW HAS A SECTION 8 Discrimination law. It goes into effect immediately. So all landlords and real estate agents who advertise that they don't accept section 8 are breaking the law. If you have issues with any Landlords or Real Estate agents/brokers/screamers regarding refusal to honor section 8, you can file a complaint by calling 311. The Real Flatbush will be on the trail.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Racist Real Estate Agents at it again

In this Craiglist ad for an apartment in Flatbush, This person blatantly violates fair housing laws by posting that they don't want anyone with housing court issues to apply. Here is an excerpt:

To schedule a viewing call (212)-358-5770

Must earn 41k if one tenant 51k combined if two tenants
No Housing Court Issues
No Bankruptcy History for at least 6 years
No Criminal History

SORRY NO section 8 or other programs accepted for this particular apartment

One has to wonder. Is this the norm for apartment ads. Do these types of ads appear for apartments in Manhattan or park slope? I love how he puts no section 8 for this particular apartment. Are there any other particular apartments that he/she would accept Section 8? As you can see the phone number is posted. Maybe the good people in flatbush should call that number and ask why this brokerage feel so comfortable violated the rights of others?

Friday, April 18, 2008


There is an endless war in Iraq where over 4,000 of our soldiers has given their lives. Just yesterday a bombing killed 55 people at a funeral. Our planet is literal melting as I type. As you can see here. , here and here, apparently the rivers our nation is in grave danger. Stuff like this never makes it on the 24 hour cable "news" networks. Too busy trying to stir up the next soap opera I guess. There is a looming food crisis right in our back yard. Where people are starving, force to literally riot so that they won't die of starvation. But the biggest blogger news covering flatbush is not Global Warming, or a senseless war or even a looming food crisis. No the Biggest news is that a FUCKING FOOD CO-OP has opened where people can buy organic and eat sushi!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Jehovah's witness

It's getting a little bit out of control. The first people to ring my bell at the wee hours on every Sunday morning are Jehovah's Witness'. I'm pretty sure it's a great religion, but I've already told them that I was not interested. So why do they continue to ring my bell? It's gotten to the point where I don't even answer anymore. I feel bad. I just wish they would find someone who was more interested in this sort of stuff, 'cause I surely am not.

I'm Back

Due to unannounced vacation plans, the realflatbush had to take some time off. It's been two months. Nothing has change. There is still race baiting at the Ditmas Park blog. We still have merchants who have no respect. Aside from Vox Pop, The New Neighbor "food" place is still the biggest joke on cortelyou. Guess I haven't miss anything. Now where in the world is Yvette Clark when you need her? hmm