Friday, April 18, 2008


There is an endless war in Iraq where over 4,000 of our soldiers has given their lives. Just yesterday a bombing killed 55 people at a funeral. Our planet is literal melting as I type. As you can see here. , here and here, apparently the rivers our nation is in grave danger. Stuff like this never makes it on the 24 hour cable "news" networks. Too busy trying to stir up the next soap opera I guess. There is a looming food crisis right in our back yard. Where people are starving, force to literally riot so that they won't die of starvation. But the biggest blogger news covering flatbush is not Global Warming, or a senseless war or even a looming food crisis. No the Biggest news is that a FUCKING FOOD CO-OP has opened where people can buy organic and eat sushi!!!


VOD said...

I'm not one bit surprised. Ignorance is bliss. No one seems to want to hear the real news, nor does it seem like they care.

Anonymous said...

You have a blog, why don't you report on the stuff you want to see out there instead of blaming others for not reporting. Get out your microphone and make it happen.