Friday, June 13, 2008

Stop the Ignorance

This video comes from DJ Raedawn's confrontation with pappose. It deals with the senseless lyrics in Hip-Hop that encourages the youth of communities like flatbush to follow.

Here's, DJ Raedawn, with his side of the story:

so two nights ago.....K-Slay aka the Drama King and Papoose were playing a Hot97 show at S.O.B's.........Papoose was rapping that sell that crack sell that pussy sell that smack etc demonic murder shit....he even had a whole song about how he killed somebody for his chain....and how he and all his buddies sit around all day on the corner and sell more drugs than everybody else.................. .....but anyway.....So I threw peace signs in his face while he was rappin that murder shit..........then when they were of his 20 hypemen/karaoke pantomimers...dropped the I picked it up and said sumn like "peace y'all!...can we stop this Demonic Murder shit?!!!Can we stop this Violence???!!!".....then they turned off the mic....bout 2 minutes later....K-Slay and Papoose were like "who the fuk said that!!!!!"....So I came back to the stage and said ME!!....and K-Slay was like "Who the fuck are you!!!!!!!!!!we're are you from!!!!"...I was like "ATL!!!"......and Papoose and crew were like let's take this outside!!!...and I said "No let's do it here....gimmie the mic!!!"....K-Slay wouldn't give me the mic ...he also said sumn like "How do you have dreadlocks when youre from Atlanta!!"....then some of paps people started attacking me from behind!!!!.....and the "Drama" king was like ..."don't tap him up!!" I through up peace symbols with both hands......then the security jumped in and escorted me to a corner and protected this was happening...k-slay flipped his position and started screaming "that guy's starting a fight!!!...he's a crackhead.....who gave a crackhead the mic!!!" ......THIS REALLY HAPPENED.....K-Slay Called me a Crackhead!!!....

If you enjoy listening to lyrics that promote the destruction of "black" African peoples then you might also like groups such as Dipset or the Game or everybody's favorite 50 Cent..even Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls reaped the fruits of their might also wanna check out the Cam'ron gangster flick called Killa season which is quickly becoming a "ghetto" and suburban classic. Why are "black" Males in the pop music world seen as Killers and animalistic misogynists while "white" pop musicians are seen as emo or just regular guys! Furthermore, music fans see their favorite artists as real versus the hollywood actors whom they know are just presenting a false story. This is why violent rap music is an extremely big problem in the African american community. the kids look up to these people... I once taught an afterschool program in East New York where 7 year olds had seen Killa season so many times that they actually memorized the lines! I even here little children walking down the street saying Murder Murder Murder everyday!!! STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!!!!

--to update everyone, after this video was originally release a year and a half a go, at least 120,000 people saw it before it was deleted. Since then...Papoose has started to see the light. Hopefully this talented brother will cross over to OUR side. we need more Troops. I'm quite sad to see Kay Slay grow from a wild style graffiti kid into a Don King type gangster fight promoter. He made a fool of himself in this situation dissing the snap dance music of the south in exchange for self-hating egotistical thug baboon Macho coonery.It's also interesting that media outlets such as MTV or BET ....or even the Source or Vibe for that matter have never to this date covered this story...though after leaving his position at Teen Summit, AJ concurred that we must stop the Demonic Violence.

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VOD said...

Though hip-hop isn't dead yet, it's damn sure on life support. Situations like this one prove me correct.