Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ditmas Park Blog promotes hate through "moderated" comments

The Ditmas Park Blog is promoting hate through their moderated comments. The Ditmas Park Blog is promoting a story petaled by the questionable "news paper" NY Post about a 15-20 year old Hispanic kid mugging someone. They have a mug shot prominently displayed and 2 posts with more to come. Some of the most visceral and hateful comments on the "moderated" blog followed. One said:
"this is shitty parenting. it was a kid that did something so awful? when they find this waste of human scum, they should put whoever was in charge of raising him in jail too." Followed by their in-house white supremacist NoSlappz who chimes in "I think the kid committed the robbery so he could go to jail and live with his father full time instead of visiting the old man on alternate weekends." The hateful comments continued on with the climax of "keep abortion legal, ’s all i’m sayin’.". Yet no one could deny that is the suspect was a white kid the comments would not be so visceral or hateful. As a matter of fact if the suspect was a white kid the narrative would have been about how this was a youthful indiscretion or he must have had some "emotional problems." What now has to be done is to call them out on there obvious bias, smear and assault on the minority community. Ask yourself this... Why is the Ditmas Park jumping on a petty crime such as a mugging by a teen, while a few weeks back and all year long they completely ignored the Police Sodomy case? Fox News' Glenn Beck's advertisers were made to either stand by him or denounce his inflammatory show. Most of the reputable companies has since taken their Ads of the Glenn Beck show. It is time to hold the people who continue to support the Ditmas Park blog and it's incendiary posts and comments to the same standard as Glenn Beck's Advertisers. I will be in the next week give the advertisers on the Ditmas Park blog the opportunity to respond as to why they continue to advertise on what is essentially a divisive and racially insensitive blog.
As of 3/30/2010
here are the advertisers on the Ditmas Park Blog and the email that I will send to clarify why they will continue their relationship with the Ditmas Park Blog.

"The Ditmas Park blog has been involved in a number of questionable and racially insensitive post on their blog. You are one of their advertisers. As such I would like to get a comment on whether you support the practices of the blog you advertise on. The most recent questionable post on this blog has been a post about a mugging where a number of hateful comments (including a hateful comment that either a pro-choice or pro-life person would find extremely atrocious)on the moderated comments section was allowed."

1. Sycomore Brooklyn
2. Olive Design
3. Flatbush Community Church
4. Small World Pet sitters
5. NYdogworld
6. The Farm on Aderly
7. Brooklyn hearth Realtors


Anonymous said...

The police sodomy case has been consistently covered by the mainstream press. A mugging won't be, so I understand why the DP blog posted about it.

Also, the sodomy offense happened in the Prospect Park station, which I think is outside the area covered by the DP blog. The mugging happened on Slocum, close to Cortelyou Road.

This isn't racism at work, it's a small neighborhood blog run by two people who have other jobs. Your real problems are with the commenters, not the blog itself. Moderating a blog takes a lot of time and I'm sure it's tough to draw the line between free speech and hate speech. (Just ask the ACLU about that one.)

If you disagree with the commenters, leave a comment of your own.

Eloise said...

I just wrote a piece on my site responding to Ditmas Park Blog's accusation. I hope to see yours soon.

Take Care and you are doing the right thing no matter what they say.

Anonymous said...

Wait, my comments are 'visible after blog owner approval.'

Why, isn't 'moderating comments' exactly what you went after the Ditmas Park blog for?

I see hypocrisy is also one of your strong suits. Let's see if my comments end up on your site. Doubtful.

Eloise said...

We just had a brick thrown through our window. These people do not realize what they are doing. It's like living in the 1960s all over again.