Thursday, April 1, 2010

Update and Correction

The farm on Adderly has responded to this email. As the emailed said, the Farm on Adderly has been a great asset and a welcome addition to all of us. It is actually one of the jewels of Flatbush, along with the many other great businesses we have here.

Our email:
The Ditmas Park blog has been involved in a number of questionable and racially insensitive post on their blog. You are one of their advertisers. Your restaurant has been an added benefit to the neighborhood, it has serve many different patrons of many different races. It has made all welcomed in your establishment. I'm sure you would not want your good reputation and hard work in the community be sullied by being in association with hate. As such I would like to get a comment on whether you support the practices of the blog you advertise on. The most recent questionable post on this blog has been a post about a mugging where a number of hateful comments (including a hateful comment that either a pro-choice or pro-life person would find extremely atrocious)on the moderated comments section was allowed.

Their Response:
Hi The Real Flatbush,

The Farm On Adderley actually does not do any advertising of any kind with The Ditmas Park Blog does not appear to engage in advertising other than public service ads. Although that is really just a casual observation. Having read your post on I can sympathize with your argument and effort to expose racially fueled comments. I am not sure that we are being fairly framed in that post or that we are even in any way relevant. Since we do not advertise with the it is factually incorrect to assert that we do. I hope that you consider our position and correct or rescind your post from March 30th.

Thank you and good luck,
The Farm On Adderley
1108 Cortleyou Road
Brooklyn, NY 11218

1 comment:

Eloise said...

Good of them to respond and even better that they aren't advertising with DPB.

BTW, I am getting ready to file an invasion of privacy lawsuit against Ben Smith. That is right, he actually hacked into my accounts and obtained my personal information under false pretenses.

All I can say is that you should be careful.

Keep up the excellent work.