Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ditmas Park Blog wants you to be leery of black financial criminals

In the wake of the greatest financial theft in history in which the President of Brazil caught flak for saying that "white, blue eye bankers had brought the world economy to it's knees" The bloggers of the ditmas park blog want you to be leery of an "email from a neighbor" about a "young black male" driving a "Mercedes" going around to yard sales passing "fake $20 bills". The underlining tone of the post is to look out for "fake $20 bills from young black males in baggy jeans" because we all know white males like insurance agents at AIG, people like Bernie Maddoff are completely trustworthy and we don't ever have to be leery of anyone like that (especially white honest white people who are very white and very honest) passing around fake money. I'm sure that the lowered value of the mortgages of the vitorian houses at Ditmas Park was due to "young black males passing around fake $20 bills" The financial crisis where trillions of dollars were lost would have surely been averted had it not been for those pesky fake $20 bills at yard sales. In light of Tim Wise's imagine game. Let's see how the ditmas park post would look like and if they would even post it if it was a white hipster that was "accused" by a "neighbor" in an "email".

Bad Money

September 25th, 2010 2:54 pm

Watch out at the yard sales for a person paying with fake $20 bills, a couple of neighbors emailed on this:

There is a young man passing bad 20.00 bills and at least 4 people I spoke to got them.

They believe it is a White Beatle driven by someone and a younger, 20 something white male , very polite with Skinny Jeans and a fedora cap comes out and buys something for 1.00 or 2.00 and gets the change. He asked one person if he could take a picture of something and told 2 others to hold something he would be back once they got change.

We have alerted the Ditmas Park Parents Association and one is riding around on Vespa, but since the West Midwood Yard Sales are tomorrow, wondering if posting would help alert their parents so they can knock it off.

The bills are lighter and have blurred print and if you look, you can tell they are fake, but when someone is not on the alert they dont really pay attention and then get stuck with the bad practical jokesters money.

- Liena

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