Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't Believe The Hype

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Because of Gentrification and the false, perverse and evil idea that white is somehow better, I would like to point out and show that there are some out there who are fighting the good fight and who will continue to fight for true equality. This past month the Ditmas Park blog posted a real estate video showing the virtues of an all white ditmas park by a real estate agent. The idea of gentrification is in fact inherently racist because society as a whole is inherently a racist society. The believe that white is better is ingrain into the collective mind-frame of not only white people, but a growing number of black people, hispanics and asians. They falsely believe that somehow if they can kiss enough white ass, they will become white. The beauty of this is that just because you live in an inherently racist and toxic environment, it does not necessarily mean that you have to abide by that ideology.

Although the media, Hollywood and society would like to make you believe that white women are more beautiful then black women, the facts just does not prove it. (just take a stroll down flatbush on a saturday afternoon and you will see it) There has been reports that Chad Ochocinco has a dating show where he wanted to pick an all white female hoochies or whatever they call contestants on a dating show. Does that make him a racist? Probably not in the traditional sense. But does he reflect a society that is out of whack? Yes. Does it make him someone who has bought into the white Hollywood supremacist ideology? Maybe. Did he have a choice? Yes and No. The facts are the media likes to portray a certain image of what is suppose to be the ideal and normal. Some in the black community has bought into that false ideology. But we have the power to change our own thoughts and ideas. We don't have to fall into this white supremacist ideology. If we do. We all loose. Anyone who follows such ideology is doom to live an empty life of nothing. When you rely on your outer appearance instead of your inner strength, you will be at a great disadvantage. When you have that great inner strenght and call people out on their B.S you will be unstoppable. Just like this woman.


Craig said...

That last woman really broke it down. She was speaking truth to power. It made allot of the white people in the audience very uncomfortable. They did not have an answer to what she was. For someone who look like them on the outside to have such a powerful insight into the white mind frame was just too much for some. You can hear the pain and passion in her voice. She did not want to "pass" for white because she knew who she was inside. She has seen the "benign" white people who play dumb to the whole idea of racism and did not want to be a part of that. At the end of the day, she would be living an empty life if she did not fully embrace herself. This was in 1990, some of these issues are still alive in "post-racial" America.

Kwame said...

I was watching mourning Joe this mourning. I couldn't even bear to watch Joe Scarborough for even 15 minutes. If you want to see white arrogance just tune into that show for 10 minutes. Joe Scarborough a white guy who refers himself as someone who comes from the "redneck riviera" was telling the NAACP how to run their organization. The arrogance and sheer ignorance is astounding. Throughout the history of the NAACP, they have never been popular with white people....never. That's just a fact. For an all white mourning show to cast aspersions on what the NAACP should or shouldn't do about the racism of the tea party is so enraging. A white male millionaire looking through his white lenses gets to determined what should or shouldn't be deem racist by the longest running civil rights organization in the u.s. Got it. Since Joe scarbourough says so, I guess I can go home and sleep very well tonight. The funny thing is that most white people are neocons when it comes to race. Most agree with Joe Scarborough. White liberals will be the first to jump and defend the tea party as not being racist, just like they have done with the ditmas park blog. It's all a charade. Don't believe the hype indeed.

Josh said...

Um. hi. I'm white. I'm not a neocon. I do belive the tea-party is racist. I don't believe the DPB is.

I agree with much of the above however, so please, state your own opinions, and not the opinions of others.

kwame said...

What I said was that most white liberals are neocons when it comes to race. The fact that you don't belief the ditmaspark blog is not racist after all the documented racism on the ditmas park blog proves my point.

Anonymous said...

It's been hit on the nail. You "The Real Flatbush" are correct in observation. The Ditmas Park blog is run and showcased by two individual people who do not allow free speech without their use of censorshipping. Anyone writing something that doesn't meet these two individuals ideology will be censored. I've heard many people complaining about that in the neighborhood So keep plugging and go expose them for what they really are.