Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life is a Dream

A Festival of Fools is pleased to announce its second annual free summer production: "Life is a Dream” by
Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Translation by Gregary Racz . The production is directed by Amanda
Thompson. Performances are August 14th, 15th, 22nd and 28th at 2pm at the Prospect Park Music Pagoda. For
more information call 908-319-3527 or visit

The King of Poland has banished his only son Segismund to a tower after a prophecy predicting the prince’s
tyrannical rule begins to come true. When an experiment to reinstate the prince goes awry, Segismund is
once again confined to the tower and left to question what is real and what only exists in dreams. This
classic Spanish verse play features vengeful lovers, epic sword battles and the eternal questions of existence
and morality.

Featured in the cast are: Timothy Bungeroth, Hannah Corrigan, Mike DeSantis, Jesse Kane-Hartnett, Sam
Maxwell and Claire Nasuti.

The Design Team and Crew include: Amanda Thompson (Director), Jack Neylan (Poster Designer), Jessa-
Raye Court (Costume Designer), Jared Kirby (Fight Choreographer) and Megan Finnegan (Executive

Inspired by the Elizabethan verse play, we place language at the forefront of our productions to explore
mythology and folklore. At the same time, we seek to visually captivate through acrobatics, sword
fighting and mask. While we are determined to stage established verse plays, we also produce original work
tailored for a contemporary audience -in length and vernacular. Focusing on these elements allows us to
engage and excite our audiences with performances that are both cost efficient and affordable.

Performance Schedule: August 14th, 15th, 222nd and 28th
Location: Prospect Park Music PagodaBrooklyn, NY
(Take the Q Train to Prospect Park. Enter the park through the Willink
Entrance at Empire Blvd. and Ocean Ave.; follow the Blue Trail signs.)
Tickets: Free
For more information about A Festival of Fools, please visit or
call (908) 319-3527.

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