Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Book Buddy

Summer is fast approaching and for some teens there is not much to do.
Why not Volunteer for:
Summer Book Buddy

Learn new skills and be a role model for other kids

Summer SunIf you're a teen volunteer (ages 12-18), you can help

librarians read aloud to children and assist with

all kinds of cool youth programs.


Read aloud to children.

Assist staff in the administration of the popular Reading Is Fundamental

(RIF) program.

Assist staff in planning, conducting, and evaluating children's programs like

arts and crafts, drawing and painting, puzzles and games.

Enter registration information for the Library's Summer Reading participants.


12-18 years old.

Consent portion of Volunteer Application signed by parent or guardian before

starting the assignment.

A friendly manner and a strong commitment to working with children.

Book Buddies are asked to make a minimum commitment of volunteering

2-3 hours a day, 2-3 days a week for at least 3 weeks during the summer.

How to Apply

1. Go to your local library and request a Summer Book Buddy application.

2. Contact 718-230-2406

or e-mail at email icon


Flatbush Pigeon said...

Sound like a great program. Thanks for posting this. I've posted it on my blog (giving you your due props.)

Anonymous said...

this blog has gotten to be way way good - b-boy

Anonymous said...

True that, but I miss the unpretentious days though...

Iron Nick said...

I don't know if I want more kids learning how to read. If more kids know how to read competently, test scores in the public school system in the area will go up, making it more attractive for a "certain type" of individual to move in and make my rent higher.