Friday, June 18, 2010

Ditmas Park Admits it's promoting hysteria

Freudian slip or not the ditmas park blog admits that it is part of the hysteria. In one of their postings, Liena claims that the police told her that the crime in flatbush seems so high because of ALL THE REPORTING THEY HAVE BEEN DOING without giving any context to the situation. As a matter of fact the vast majority if not all the conflicts in flatbush involves people who are part of the drug mafia. One would have to wonder would the ditmas park be so vigilant against all this perceived violence if Ben Smith lived in say Carroll Gardens, where the Italian mafia still orders hits and have similar isolated violence regarding turf wars. Would they blog about shootings at a social club? or a mob hit job every other week? Would they be calling for an impact zone in Caroll Gardens or Bensonhurst? Would they speak out about the Stop Snitching code of silence throughout these Italian neighborhoods from the shopkeepers to the bloggers, students and everyone in between. But that's not all, Flatbush has a very large orthodox Jewish community. It seems kind of hypocritical for the Ditmas Park blog to point out the ills of the black community while they stay silent about the orthodox Jewish community's own code of silence. As this blog points out one of the worst things a Jew could be is a "mosser" a term generally translated as “informer” but more accurately rendered as a “snitch. But wait... that's not all. There is also a well documented code of silence within the NYPD called the Blue Wall of Silence. Yet the only issue with the code of silence that the ditmas park blog has a problem with are the code of silence of the coloreds. hmmm

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