Thursday, June 17, 2010

Take Action

“Go back to your country, we don’t want you here.”



Imagine hearing this every day as you walk through your school’s doors. Verbal abuse, physical abuse and fear are a way of life for too many of New York's students.

Bullying has reached crisis proportions in our schools yet we are one of only eight states without a law to protect students from bullying and harassment.

You have a chance to change that - but time is running out!

The Dignity for All Students Act is an essential first step to stopping bullying and building a culture of respect and understanding in our schools. The bill provides training and tools for educators and students, mandates reporting of bias incidents and holds schools accountable, while respecting students’ rights.

The end of the legislative session is just days away yet the Senate still hasn't passed the Dignity for All Students Act.

Raise your voice and tell your senator to vote YES on this important civil rights legislation. Our kids cannot wait another year for the Dignity for All Students Act to pass.

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