Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti News

1. The Haitian Embassy is working on strengthening their phone capacity. In the meantime they have release a list of email addresses if you want to volunteer. Read more here

2. Please visit Saint Jerome Church on Newkirk and Nostrand Avenue. Cans, Clothing, plastic bottles of water are being accepted.

3. CNN is reporting that the Airport in Haiti has been secured by the U.S.

4. George Clooney and MTV has teamed up for a quake relief telethon on January 22.

5. CNN is reporting that Heroes Actor who is known as "The Haitian" spoke to his parents in Haiti. "Apparently they have not stopped crying ever since the earthquake happened," he said, his voice breaking.

6. Jamaica has been appointed to Coordinate CARICOM Relief Efforts

St. Lucia Government expresses sympathy and solidarity with the people of Haiti following earthquake.

Trinidad and Tobago offers troops and fast ferries to transport relief supplies to Haiti

9. Obama pledges $100 million with more to come and offers a message to the Haitian people.


Jake said...

Eat at Kombit Bar and Restaurant, a Haitian restaurant on Flatbush Ave. just down the block from Franny's in Prospect Heights, corner of St marks place. They'll be collecting money tonight for a disaster relief fund as they await news on a missing sister and co-owner.

Jean said...

Do not send money directly to family in Haiti right now. I've spoken to family members. All the markets are closed. They told me the money would be worthless. There's nothing to buy. The best way Is to donate and try to rebuild for the long term. I personally like yele. Wyclef has been trying to rebuild Haiti since before the earthquake. I also like partners in health and engineers without borders for the long term infrastructure of Haiti. We need to empower the Haitians to rebuild their country instead of just making this into a charity case.