Friday, January 22, 2010


Beginning at 11:00 on the morning of Saturday January 30, 2010 a massive gathering of supporters will begin their march from the corner of Church and Rogers Avenues passing through the hub of Haitian-American community. The procession will culminate with an information rally and cultural expressions at the Plaza of Medgar Evers College. Organizers of the march recognize that the magnitude of this catastrophe is inconceivable and people are overwhelmed by the innumerable disaster relief initiatives. The “Haiti We Love You” rally will provide updates and connect people to local initiatives that are happening in the community. With a visible response by people in the streets, “Haiti We Love You” provides the opportunity to convey to the Haitian people that they are not alone in their struggle to rebuild and our continued prayers and support go out to them.


sam said...

I'll be there

ingre said...

I'll be there to support all my Haitian brothers and sisters