Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ditmas Park Blog promotes bigotry against Muslims

The Ditmas park blog is now targeting a mainstream Muslim group for having a community center in what they deem to be an "odd location." The only thing odd about that post is the thinly veil racism and bigotry with that post. The vast majority of synagogues, Community Centers and Churches in Ditmas Park are actually in residential areas. The hypocrisy is almost comical. They claim that the community center is in "a bit of an odd location" because it's "in the middle of a single family residential block." Yet Temple Beth Emeth of Flatbush is just 3 blocks away from the proposed Islamic community center. Not only is it 3 blocks away, but it's even in a more residential block. We have counted at least 3 synagogues in Ditmas park that are located in very residential areas. As can be seen here, here and here We've also counted at least 4 Catholic Churches in Ditmas Park that are also in very residential areas. The Ditmas Park blog has never complained about any of these churches, synagogues and community centers in residential areas until an Islamic Community Center has been propose. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of churches, synigouges and community centers in Brooklyn and NYC are located in residential areas. The is no Law that requires them to be in commercial areas, because they are Non-For Profit Organization. This form of religious bigotry and fear mongering cloaked in the disguise of concern for "traffic" is unacceptable and will not go unnoticed.

Also Ben Smith claims that the concern of "some neighbors" about a very modern building will be on a residential block does not hold any water. This is the same blog that has been promoting a very modern building with luxury condo's on a very residential area on Beverly Road and east 16 street.

We will continue to monitor the situation.


no_slappz said...

Yeah, the plans to build a meeting place for muslims -- people who believe in a religion that does not tolerate Christianity or Judaism, a religion that reduces women to slaves, a religion that practices female genital mutilation, a religion that places itself above the US government, a religion that has been at war with the US, the West and Israel for 60 years -- is a bad idea.

Take a Bible to any middle east muslim nation and seek permission to build a church or temple. Maybe then you will begin to understand the ambitions of Islam and its followers.

Therealflatbush said...

So noslappz I'm guessing that you don't believe that the real reason to shut down the Islamic center has anything to do with it being in an odd place or it being a modern building. Your real problem with the center is that they are muslims and not that it would impede traffic or be too modern right? Do you think the ditmas park blog holds the same views but cannot say that outright, thus they try to sugar coat it?

no_slappz said...


There is no single "real reason" for stopping the constuction of a mosque -- coyly called an Islamic center -- in a residential neighborhood.

People try to stop construction projects every day. They do not want to live through the construction process. They do not want more buildings in the neighborhood. They do not want a new element introduced to the neighborhood. There's any number of reasons to object.

For years people have been fighting the construction of the Atlantic Yards basketball stadium and its related structures.

For years people have fought to keep Walmart from building stores in NY City.

People fought the creation of the muslim-oriented public school -- the Kahlil Gibran school.

People are seriously fighting the construction of a mosque a block from the Ground Zero World Trade Center site.

Do the operators of this mosque expect to blast the neighborhood with the call to prayer? Five times a day?

Will the facility function as a place to collect funds to support muslims in other countries -- specifically muslims in other countries who are terrorists? This activity is a problem, I hope you know.

People fought the conversion of the half-way house on the corner of E 12th St and Avenue H. It is now controlled by the Common Ground organization, which means the building accepts sex offenders as tenants.

I'm sure some people object to the mosque because its architecture will clash with general look of the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, on Coney Island Avenue between Beverly and Avenue H there are two unfinished mosques.

Will this project become number three?

Meanwhile, have you ever gone to a service in a mosque? I'm guessing you have not.

Non-muslims are not welcome. That's part of Islam. It is a religion that does not believe in pluralism. It does not accept the existence of other religions, no matter what you hear from muslims.

Muslim countries drive out people of other religions.

Anyway, Islam is a religion that views itself as government. It dominates by violence, enslaves women, accepts the concept of honor killings, and absolutely, totally rejects the concept of free speech.

Followers of Islam believe they have the right to stop speech that offends them, such as speech calling Muhammad a schizophrenic, child-molester. In Saudi Arabia it is a capital crime -- a death-penalty crime -- to attempt to convert a muslim to another religion.

You should understand that muslims do not believe in the freedoms that are granted to Americans in the Constitution.

They may not commit street crimes. But they aer committed to spreading their way of life around the world. But their way of life is not the American Way.

j said...

no_slappz, you've essentially took allot of time not to answer a question. I think the question was. Was it a legitimate concern for traffic or was it more of a concern because it's a Muslim group. Also would you have concerns with that group being in association with other groups?

no_slappz said...

j, you wrote:

no_slappz, you've essentially took allot of time not to answer a question.

I answered the question. There are many legitimate ways to oppose something. Like the Supreme Court ruled on slavery in 1857 in the Dred Scott case by simply saying blacks were not fully human, therefore, there was no basis for identifying them as citizens entitled to the rights bestowed by the Constitution. The Supreme Court sidestepped the real question.

The Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade does the same for abortion. The Court said a fetus is not a human benefiting from the Constitution, therefore, there is no point in debating the legitimacy of the abortion itself.

I think the question was. Was it a legitimate concern for traffic or was it more of a concern because it's a Muslim group.

If there are laws about traffic that apply to the mosque, then YES, the opponents have a legitimate basis to oppose the project.

But the legitimacy of the traffic issue may well be the legal maneuver used to block muslims because the neighbors dislike muslims.

Also would you have concerns with that group being in association with other groups?

Concerns? Concerns about which group being in association with what other groups?

If you are asking about muslims backing the mosque project associating with other groups, then Yes, I have concerns.

The FBI has arrested muslims in the area for funneling money to islamic terrorist groups through phony charities.

Meanwhile, a couple of the 9/11 terrorists stayed in a Kensington apartment for a while. By the time they were here in Brooklyn, their plot was underway. Somebody knew they were up to no good.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, no slappz. You just proved once again that you're a troll. And NOTHING else. What a stupid waste of your time this is.

Next time why not just type: Yes, I'm a troll, please fight with me it makes me so happy

wesvt said...

i wouldn't worry too much about no_slappz comments. on his own blog he has recently declared that the environmental impact of the BP oil spill is nothing, that it has maybe killed a few animals, but other than that there is no impact. if you can take anything else this guy says seriously you have a problem. best to ignore anything he writes.

Azeem said...

The Ditmas park blog had this follow up post:


Its better not to jump to conclusions about people's intentions. But it is a good point to ensure no institutional bias exists where one religious group is has less rights than the rest. That's just un-constitutional.