Saturday, January 12, 2008

Barber Shops

In Flatbush there are basically two kinds of Barbers. The old School Barbers and the Young guns. I prefer the old school barbers. In my opinion and from my experience they are more professional. They treat it as being a profession while the younger barbers are more or less in college or cutting hair to make some extra money. Some of the old timers still wear their uniform. I can remember going to the barber with my dad as a young kid. These barber shops where professional and very much old school. They would actually take there time to do your hair. Unfortunately most of these old school style barbers are gone. But there are still a few left. My favorites are Tall Man Article Barber shop on the corner of Flatbush Ave and Newkirk. This is a Jamaican barber shop. There is an old school Barber that still works there. He has the first seat. The rest are younger barbers. I don't know how good they are because I've never got a cut from them. Down the block is Clean Cut barber shop on 1193 Flatbush Avenue. This is a Haitian Barber Shop. There is one Barber that is a cut above the rest. I always get compliments about my hair when I go to him. His name is Lafontant. I got a cut from one of the younger barbers once and it was a disaster. Across from that barber shop there is another Haitian barber shop, but the barbers seems to be more interested in Haitian politics than giving a hair cut. If you can withstand all the screaming about Aristide and Preval then you will get a great cut from any of the barbers. There is also a barber shop on Newkirk Plaza that I use to go to, but the wait time was too long. They have two Barbers and both are really good. One is a dread. I never understood how a dread could cut hair, but he is really good. They have allot Pakistani clients and for some reason it takes a very long time to get their hair cut done. A few years back I use to go to this young guns barber shop on Flatbush Avenue. I think it was between Lincoln road and Chester Court. It may have been on the same block as Mikes International. This was the best young guns barber I've been to. They did a great job with the lines and the shape ups. If there are any other old school or young gun barber shops that I missed let me know.


Anonymous said...

Great post.... is the one next to Mike's called Dr. Cutts?

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Nice post.

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