Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Confederation?

Today I saw this jacked up puff piece on Prospect Park South. The author obviously doesn't know what she was talking about. She lumps together Prospect Park South with Ditmas Park. At one time she even refer to Cortelyou Road as Cortelyou Avenue. The piece talks about uppity restaurants and places on Cortelyou Road (which is part of Ditmas Park) but fails to mention Prospect Park Lefferts Garden. Since PPS is so small and is between DP and PLG, one could wonder why PLG was left out. The one Caribbean restaurant that was talked about is located at a place with the least amount of Caribbeans. She also fails to mention why the good people at Prospect Park South and Ditmas Park has chosen to segregate themselves from the rest of Flatbush. Is this new neighborhood now called Prospect South Ditmas Park? Read it Here.


Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

I also saw this article and was somewhat puzzled by it.

The absence of any mention of PLG means nothing. The article is strictly about the landmarked historic district of Prospect Park South, not Flatbush in general. It "fails to mention" any of the other neighborhoods comprising Flatbush in the large.

Nowhere does the article use the term "Ditmas Park." The only place the word "Ditmas" shows up is in the paragraph about the Farm on Adderley. (Which is not in Ditmas Park, anyway.)

Anonymous said...

Don't take real estate puff pieces too seriously. This one isn't TOO bad, as far as it goes, but I wouldn't draw any inferences about a "new confederation." More likely PPS and DP were the only Flatbush neighborhood names the writer knew.

dan said...

With all due respect the exact quote was "When The Farm opened its doors back in summer 2006, the Ditmas/Prospect Park South crowd went absolutely crazy." Why say Ditmas/Prospect Park South crowd and not the Flatbush crowd? Or if the article was just about PPS then why not say the PPS crowd? The article talks about the "silent" tension, I don't see any silent tension. All I see are people who live in Houses who want to segregate themselves from the rest of Flatbush.I was also under the assumption that Cortelyou Road was part of Ditmas Park.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

I also don't know why "Ditmas/Prospect Park South crowd." That's the only mention of "Ditmas." The writer got several things just plain wrong, as you noted, such as "Cortelyou Avenue." Perhaps they meant to say "Ditmas Park," as many real estate brokers refer incorrectly to Victorian Flatbush. For that matter, how do they perceive that PPS is "deep in the belly of Flatbush," when it's clearly set apart, and not only geographically.

The Ditmas Park Historic District only extends as far north as Dorchester Avenue, and only as far west as the B/Q line. The south side of Cortelyou west of the B/Q, where the Farm is located, is in Ditmas Park West.

By the way, I'm one of those "people in houses" and I don't want a segregated Flatbush.

Anonymous said...

You'll be pleased to know that the Ditmas Park Blog has posted a link to the article with this comment;
"with a useful list of local restaurants and sights, if you need to entertain the visiting relatives or something."
They seem to think the article is just fine.