Thursday, January 17, 2008

Talib Kweli Greene

The second inductee into FHF is Flatbush native and critically acclaimed rapper Talib Kweli and family. They personify what flatbush is all about. Both his parents were educators. He grew up very humble and it shows in his music. Talib's rap style is as flatbush as it can get. It makes you think, get mad, have passion, be happy with what you got and always strive for perfection at the same time. Talib's star status in flatbush might be in grave danger of being upstage by his younger brother, Jamal Greene. He is Yale law school grad who has a very perceptive paper that was publish regarding the death penalty. Jamal also clerked for Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens in 2006 (which is nothing to sneeze at). Looking forward to allot of great things from Jamal. For all these reasons Talib Kweli Greene and Family is the second inductee into the Flatbush Hall of Fame.


Brooklyn '86 Queen said...

Hmm I didnt know that bout his brother. his grandpa is a movie star tho. Check it out here:

Anonymous said...

Shining like an asterisk for all those that be gatherin
Connectin like a roundhouse from the townhouse to the tenaments
Cause all my Brooklyn residents, heavy regiments
Don't believe, here the evidence, where Brooklyn...
Brooklyn New York City where they paint murals of Biggie
--Black Star