Sunday, January 20, 2008

FHF-Wyclef Jean

The third inductee into the Flatbush Hall of Fame is Wyclef Jean. Clef's life personified a story well too known about families living in Flatbush. He came from Haiti while he was 9. He lived for a short time in Corney Island at the Marlborough Projects until his family moved to Flatbush. Wyclef often drops lingo's about flatbush in his lyrics. He often refers to places and things about flatbush that only a true Flatbush head would be able to pick up. Like Temptations, Maxines and the seven-o. In one of his lyrics he personified the depth and strength of what flatbush is all about. In his song "Jaspora" (which was Howard Deans favorite song btw) He raps in Creole about walking down Flatbush as a young kid and having his new Fila Sneakers stolen. His friend asked him if he shot the robber. Clef replied no because he was reminded of a psalm that his father (who was a preacher) taught him in which people need to "chache bondye" (Search for god) or spiritual redemption. Aside from being a great musician Wyclef is also a humanitarian. His non for profit organization, Yele, has helped numerous children and adults in his native country of Haiti.


Anonymous said...

Wyclef Jean is a true hero and this blog is great-- Welcome to the East!!!

Anonymous said...

The Clef is a shining example of musical talent and egalitarian political activism, and I'm proud to know he is a fellow Flatbushite. One of my favorite lyrics, from his Fugee days, is:

"On my day off,
With David Sonnenberg I play golf
Run through Crown Heights screaming out Mazel Tov
Problem with no man
Before black, I'm first human"