Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Best date Spots on Flatbush

I have to admit. I've been taking my dates to Flatbush as apposed to Manhattan lately. It is very convenient. Since I live in the neighborhood I might as well. I live smack dead in the middle of PPLG and Ditmas Park (Prospect Park South). As far as I'm concern PLG is the better deal. It has more stuff to do and places to see. That stretch on Flatbush Avenue between Lincoln Rd and Caton Avenue is very charming. It has that cozy feel to it. On Lincoln Road there is K-Dog. It can be very romantic at the right settings. I also like Ali's Roti Shop. It's very small and has only two tables. The tables and seatings are very cozy. Next to Ali's there is Jerk city. Also not a bad place. Mex Bar is great, as well as that new Sushi Place. I have not been to Lime yet, but it's a must see. During the summer, Prospect park is right up the block on Ocean Avenue. There is so much going on. You can just walk on that stretch and you'll find a place. Our State Senator Eric Adams has an office on that stretch. Yvette Clarke also has on office across from the Gas Station. They also have some funky style boutiques, there is an Halal Caribbean place and what I think is a beauty salon that has one of the most creative awnings I've ever seen. There seem to be more comrade amongst the people on that stretch. It doesn't have that same stench of desperation to be cool that Cortelyou Road seems to ooze. Their coolest just comes naturally. Maybe it's the way the streets are configured or maybe it's the brownstones that forces people to be more real with each other. Ditmas Park doesn't have that same charm. They come across as try hard. The people who live in those free standing homes are very cold and distant. Very detach and aloof. The 2 restaurants on Cortelyou Road are overpriced and not nearly as romantic as a smaller joints on PLG. Vox pop is the only cool thing on Cortelyou Road. Everything else is basically a waste of a good date. There is nothing Cool or charming about Connecticut Muffing. Looks like something you would find near Penn Station. There also seems to be that aura of superiority that the people on Ditmas Park have. Hey Ditmas Park. Breaking News. Just because you live in a Victorian house, doesn't make you royalty... so please take that wedge out your posterior.


Anonymous said...

That would be comrade' moron.
Keep trying to spell what you mean.
You make it SOOO... easy to flame your blog.

Anonymous said...

I think you might be the moron anonymous give it up.

com·rade /ˈkɒmræd, -rɪd/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[kom-rad, -rid] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. a person who shares in one's activities, occupation, etc.; companion, associate, or friend.
2. a fellow member of a fraternal group, political party, etc.
3. a member of the Communist party or someone with strongly leftist views.

Anonymous said...

"There seem to be more comrade amongst the people on that stretch"

Do you actually thing the sentence above has any relation to the English language?
You are both wrong.

It should be camaraderie !

Anonymous said...

Is this one of those John Mccain Flak Jacket vs Flack Jacket moments? Why don't you attack his ideas instead of going on these hominid rants?

Anonymous said...

I forgot the Ad. Hope I don't get flame for missing that:(

Bob Marvin said...

Glad you like PLG, but how could you leave out Enduro, just a few feet east of K-Dog on Lincoln Road? While I love K-Dog, Enduro IS open much later.

Anonymous said...

11:05 buddy check your spelling before you talk. It's "think" not "thing". MORON. lol too funny