Sunday, December 30, 2007

Identity Crisis in Flatbush?

An identity crisis is an analogous state of confusion occurring in a social structure, such as an institution or a corporation. So when I saw this new Merchant on Flatbush, it has gotten me very perplex. There is a Dry Cleaning service on the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Cortelyou Road. 2112 Cortelyou Road to be exact. That’s not too strange. What’s perplexing is that the name of this place is Kensington Fabricare. Why in the world would you call a place in the heart of Flatbush Kensington Fabricare? This is Flatbush. No confusion about that. Do they want Flatbush to turn into Kensington like how Bushwick is now East Williamsburg? I’m perfectly happy and proud to live in Flatbush. I got two words for you. NO THANKS!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Flatbush Fabricare was already taken. Maybe their last name is Kensington. Maybe they have a thing for the name Kensington. Did you bother to go in there and ask?

Anonymous said...

Who knows.

Prospect Gardens Pharmacy is in Park Slope [and, to my great annoyance, has refused to post PLG House Tour posters on many occasions when I've asked].

Merchants are not very good arbiters of neighborhood names.

Anonymous said...

Who knows, just ask! But I've got an even better question....why do people park their cars in driveways and drive their cars through parkways???

Hey lighten up it's just a name. I'm sure they have a good explanation.