Sunday, December 23, 2007

Council Speaker

There is a proposed section 8 Discrimination law and a Co-op disclosure law that has been buried by New York city Council speaker Christin Quinn. The speaker has been nothing but a coward when it comes to during the right thing for all New Yorkers. She has her pockets inline with Landlords and Corporations. What is so troubling about this speaker is that she went out of her way to stop a street naming bill for Sonny Carson. A silly little fight that no one cared about. There are streets in NYC that are name after worse people than Sonny Carson. The time that it took the speaker to have her little fights with Charles Barron could have been serve better by working to have a true equal society for all New Yorkers. It seems quite evident that the good speaker wanted to have her Sistah Soldier moment against Charles Barron. They both came off looking like fools and petty little children. The speaker has been an obstacle to progress and real social change. She does symbolic things like aligning herself with Al Sharpton against a purported wave of hate crimes in the city. In fact one can say that the real hate crimes are taken place in real estate agencies and coop boards who judge not on the content of your character, but the color of your skin, the landlords who discriminate against section 8 voucher holders and not to mention the ethically corrupted so called liberal politicians who gives cover to such subtle racism. One might wonder if there would be so much obstacle to section 8 if the holders were white hipsters? So much for the myth of an open and Liberal New York City.

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