Monday, December 24, 2007

Hook Up Spots

There is an article on the NY Sun that talks about new unconventional singles scene in NYC. Apparently shopping destinations are the new pick up spots. This being a neighborhood blog, I've decided to chronicle the best pick up spots on Flatbush. My favorites are Stop N Shop and Staples, on Regent, C-Town on Church and Argyl and C-Town off New Kirk Plaza. These are great places to meet new people. After 5:30 to 7 on weekdays are the best. This is the after work crowd. Most of the women and men are single professionals. Also on Saturday and Sunday Mid Mourning till 2 PM. I also like the Variety store on the corner of Parkside and Flatbush next to the Duane Reade. I've found that places that are not too pretentious or overdone are great to meet down to earth people.

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